Free Consulting Services:
Maple Leaf College understands that requirements and concerns
Free Evaluation Services:
Maple Leaf College counselors will provide Free Evaluation
Free ESL courses:
Maple Leaf College provides free ESL courses 
Job Market Analyst:
The Canadian job market scenario is influenced
Job Preparation Services:
Maple Leaf College provides Job Preparation Services 
Financial Aid:
Maple Leaf College provides different Financial Aids
EI Recipients:
Maple Leaf College is registered as a private college

Maple Leaf College, registered as a private career college under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005, offers diploma programs in Engineering, Business, Information Technology, Accounting and Healthcare fields. All our courses are market-oriented, and are taught by very experienced faculty keeping in mind the demands of employers in the concerned fields.
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Why Maple Leaf College has so many excellent teachers?
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Why so many Employment Insurance recipients choose MLC to take programs?
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How so many graduates from different programs get jobs when many people complain about the slow job market?
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Can I apply for financial aids to study at Maple Leaf College?
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What co-op program is available at Maple Leaf College?
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What job placement services are available at MLC?
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What if I do not fully understand my training courses at first time?
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